Southern Trenchless is a Texas based company that was formed for the sole purpose of offering high-quality, cost effective municipal services at all levels. Our primary focus is to restore the structural integrity in failing structures and reduce corrosion exposure through our trade processes.

At Southern Trenchless, we operate spray applied systems that use ultra, high-strength structural repair/lining mortar. We also employ 100% solids epoxies systems in our restoration practices. The spray is applied through a plural epoxy rig and/or with low velocity shotcrete spray rig. Our tools are custom designed to ensure that our applicators apply the proper coverage during the rehab process. Using spray-applied solution materials allows the most flexibility of all the rehab technologies because it can conform to the shape or size of the structure. Our approach and methodology also allows for our applicators to operate inside a confined space making it the ideal method for a pure trenchless “no dig” technology.

We have products that meet or exceed the top 5 products in the United States for cementitious repair mortars and 100% solids high build epoxies. Not only does Southern Trenchless offer materials but we offer the complete support of industry certified training (ACI & NACE), custom designed equipment, tech support, consulting, and anything you need to accomplish your restoration projects.

When it comes to a true full service company dealing with concrete restoration, rehabilitation, and corrosion protection we are simply the best in the industry.

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Training Course Overview

The trainee will be shown how to operate, maintain, apply repair coatings, and repair sewer structures such as manholes, lift stations, and other various sewer structures.

Training shall include 40 hours of the following:

  1. How to prepare and clean the surface prior to applying coatings
  2. Identifying needed repairs and how to fix them
  3. How to operate equipment: Mortar mixer, mortar pump, spray nozzle
  4. How to maintain all equipment
  5. How to property mix materials to correct design
  6. Confined space and Safety training course is offer in addition if the applicator does not already have a certification.

Applicator training can be done by actual hands on field training provide that proper insurance requirements are met, field observation, and/or at any facility we can demonstrate all the field functions. Applicator will be given all equipment technical manuals and maintenance procedures. Applicator will be given a full parts list with cost for replacement. Applicator will also be given a certificate of completion once they have completed the 40 hour course and are able to demonstrate the ability reproduce the correct procedures in a successful application of these products. For more information please contact Eric Dupre’ Training and technical Coordinator.

Become an Applicator